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Disabled Veterans Requirements

Veteran papers from the V.A. that state that the person is 100 percent service connected disabled will receive a free plate with issuance fee of $2.50.

The initial price for Disabled Veterans 2nd plate is 26.13 with a renewal fee of 24.00 dollars per year.  The price for a disabled veterans plate is $28.25, with a renewal fee of $24.00 per year.

Military Plates Requirements

To receive a Military license plate you need to bring a DD214 or Military ID

Initial price is 28.25 with a renewal fee of 24.00 dollars per year

Retire Military plate initial fee is 28.25 with a renewal fee of 24.00 dollars per year

National Guard Requirements

Letter from Commanding Officer if not on state list.  The enlisted person can receive one free plate with an issuance fee of $2.50.

Additional plates are 24.00 dollars per year

Motorcycle plates available for all Military Personnel following the same requirements as above. 
Please call our office with additional questions.

Motor Vehicle Sales to Members of the Armed Forces

You can go to the State Web-Site to get more information on Instructions for Military Personnel

Organ Donor Program

donateOrgan donation gives life with others.  Your name on the Donate Life Tennessee Organ and Tissue Donor Registry you can help keep families together.  Learn More

Tennessee Wildlife

TWRAState hunting and fishing licenses. Visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website.

Specialty Tags

mitzitagsThe State of Tennessee offers more than 90 specialty license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles. Learn More

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