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Disabled drivers must have form RV-F1310301 completed by a physician to obtain plates or placard. If purchasing a plate, an individual has to be a registered disabled person. Handicap license plates cost $24.00. If an individual is permanently confined to a wheel chair, the plate is free. If a handicap individual obtains plates, the placard is free. If no plate is purchased, the placard is $21.50, unless they have a vehicle in their name, then the placard is free the first time and it is renewable every two years for $3.

Download Handicap Parking Application

Organ Donor Program

donateOrgan donation gives life with others.  Your name on the Donate Life Tennessee Organ and Tissue Donor Registry you can help keep families together.  Learn More

Tennessee Wildlife

TWRAState hunting and fishing licenses. Visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website.

Specialty Tags

mitzitagsThe State of Tennessee offers more than 90 specialty license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles. Learn More

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